Why is Visitor Management Important?

Visitor Management Systems

Whether your visiting your child’s school, living in an apartment complex, or going to a doctor’s appointment, you’ve most likely come across some form of visitor management. Welcoming, processing, and monitoring guests is an essential part of routine business activities at various facilities. 

What Are Visitor Management Systems?

A visitor management system is a tool used by companies to manage and track all visitors. Commonly used visitor management systems include:

  • Logbooks
  • Digital visitor sign-in systems
  • Visitor tracking systems

The purpose of visitor management systems is to create a workplace that prioritizes the safety of employees and visitors. The idea is that if everyone feels safe, overall productivity and success will naturally increase. 

Advanced web-based visitor management systems can track when visitors arrive and where they go, control how long they stay, and even screen them against the sex offenders list and other unique databases. But is this tool a necessity for your business?

Does Your Business Need a Visitor Management System?

Many companies offer visitor management software, visitor registration kiosks, visitor tracking systems, and other features. Understanding how these features benefit your specific workplace will convince you why visitor management is important.

Essential Features of a Visitor Management System For Schools And Childcare

One of the reasons why a visitor management system for schools and daycare centers is vital is protecting innocent children who can’t always protect themselves. 

Although your facility may have a way of registering visitors when they arrive, verifying that they are who they say they are can sometimes be a challenge. Ensure the safety of your staff and children with:

  • Instant visitor screening. Every person that arrives at your facility will be screened against the sex offenders list and other unique databases you desire. Your school’s student information system will have a direct link to the visitor management system so that you can ensure children only leave with pre-approved guardians.
  • Image capture. Capturing and storing photos of every visitor to the school will also contribute to maintaining a secure facility. When they pass all screening and complete the check-in process, they will receive an ID badge for security and identification while on the premises.
  • Emergency Notifications. Emergencies can still arise even with the most secure systems, which is why a visitor management system can quickly alert staff and visitors of any school emergencies through SMS texts and email alerts.

Essential Features of a Visitor Management System For Corporate Offices

Corporate offices can become bustling locations making them at higher risk of office security threats. Visitor management systems are a revolutionary tool that will identify your business as a pioneer in safety protocols.

A visitor authentication and management system will let you know exactly who’s in the building, when they enter and exit, and where they go while on the premises. In addition to real-time surveillance and visitor tracking, your business can benefit from:

  • Multi-office integration. Enjoy a web-based visitor system that can be implemented across multiple offices so you can easily share and communicate guest and employee data. Distributing memos, policy updates, and other safety information can be done instantly between your entire team.

Essential Features of a Visitor Management System For Small Businesses

Small businesses shouldn’t miss out on all the crucial benefits of a visitor management system. Give every customer the VIP treatment by throwing out standard visitor sign-in sheets. You can make your small business more efficient with features like:

  • Efficient Appointment Scheduling. Make sure you give each customer your undivided attention by accommodating appointments and walk-in visitors. Easily access and view your daily schedule in addition to accepting and declining appointments based on personalized screenings.
  • Independent check-in. You will increase productivity by allowing clients to check in on their own when they arrive and receiving instant notifications alerting you of their presence.

Essential Features of a Visitor Management System For Commercial Real Estate

Many apartment complexes and subdivisions pride themselves on ensuring their guests are protected. However, commercial and residential real estate can improve security with:

  • Visitor identification protocols. Visitor management systems collect information about each visitor and quickly submit their name, address, phone number, photograph, and who they’re visiting.
  • Guest Notifications. Each resident will instantly receive a notification alerting them of their guests’ arrival.
  • Pre-registration for expected visitors. Residents can pre-register visitors before they arrive by providing information about their guests.

Essential Features of a Visitor Management System For Health Care Facilities

During this pandemic, hospitals and other medical offices have had to take extra precautions to avoid the spread of Covid-19. Some of the vital features that make visitor management systems so important include:

  • Pre-visit visitor screenings. Health screenings can be performed before receiving patients by sending them medical questionnaires. The responses on the questionnaire will determine if they receive a QR code, granting them access to your office, or instructions for rescheduling their appointment if they feel sick.
  • Appointment dashboards. Changes and cancellations will be easier to track and adjust from the electronic visitor management system dashboard.
  • Visitor identification profiles. You require certain information from each patient and, after medical screenings and the check-in process, most of it will already be gathered and recorded into their personal profile.

Top 4 Reasons Any Business Needs a Visitor Management System

Still not convinced of how important visitor management systems are? Let’s consider some of the top reasons your business needs this tool.


When you keep track of who’s coming into your facility, visitor management software can allow you to identify patterns that can increase the risk of office security threats. These patterns will give surveillance teams the insight required to take the necessary security precautions.

Visitor management systems aren’t just for visitors because they allow employees to check into the building with contactless check-in quickly.

Comply With Regulations Meant to Protect

Most businesses have to abide by specific rules and regulations from the local government. These are put into place to protect various aspects of your business, such as: 

  • Employees
  • Assets
  • Intellectual property
  • Vital data
  • Guests
  • Yourself legally

A web-based visitor management system is just what you need to easily manage and store critical information that you can access at any moment.

Reduced Overhead Costs

Traditional visitor sign-in systems might seem like the most cost-effective methods, but thousands of physical records require a lot of paper, ink, and storage space. An electronic visitor management system will eliminate all this waste allowing your staff to work more efficiently, saving you time and money on business activities.

Brand Identity

A company visitor management system can also contribute to your brand identity. For example, customizable kiosks can ensure your guests’ first impression is a good one. In addition, visitors won’t be left waiting with the many features that provide contactless check-in processes. 

When visitors approach these kiosks, they’ll see your company logo, matching business colors, personalized greetings, and the ability to input only the necessary information. The experience your visitors have from the very beginning will broadcast a strong, positive message.

Make a Smooth Transition With EASE-Visitor

Since visitor management systems are such an asset, the team at EASEVisitor has created the ideal smart, contactless visitor management system. Provide your visitors with a secure check-in process from start to finish.

EASEVisitor is ready to aid your business in making a statement by letting all your visitors know how important safety is to you. Contact us today for a free demo!

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