EASEVisitor Improves Visitor and Resident Security

Improve your visitor check-in process and use EASEVisitor to ensure the safety of your residents.

visitor management system for commercial real-estate

Why Use A Commercial Real Estate Visitor Management System?

EASEVisitor Protects Properties With:

EASEVisitor Improves Visitor and Resident Security:

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EASEVisitor integrates with watchlist screenings to protect building residents and visitors from threats.

INSTANT VISITOR SCREENING: Visitors can be screened against watchlists to maintain resident safety.

Image Capture

EASEVisitor captures a photo of every visitor to the building and stores it within the system.

Visitor Identification

Collect information about the visitor and quickly submit their name, address, phone number, photograph, and the resident they are visiting.

Notification of Guest

Residents are instantly sent a notification alerting them of their guests’ arrival. They can also choose to send their guest a welcome text.

Visitor Tracking

EASEVisitor keeps track of who's in the building and where they are. Visitor entry and exit times are recorded, and they must also specify which resident they came to see in the building to receive access.

Secure ID Badge Printing

After completing the check-in process, an ID badge is printed with the guest’s information for security and identification within the commercial residence.

Enhance Commercial Building Safety - Visitor Management System

Kiosks for Visitor Check-in

Ensure employee safety by pre-screening visitors before allowing them to enter your business. Utilize brief yes/no questionnaires to ask visitors about their current health and travel history.

QR Code-Based Building Check-in

Visitors can quickly check into the building through a QR code-based visitor check-in system. QR codes are sent to visitors in advance via email or text message, making check-in a breeze for both guests and hosts alike.

Pre-Register Expected Visitors

EASEVisitor allows residents to pre-register expected visitors with ease by simply providing previously registered information about the guest, such as their phone number or email address.

Instant Notifications and Alerts

Residents will receive instant notifications the moment their guest checks into the building. The host can now prepare to greet their visitor, saving both parties a phone call.

Keep Residents Informed with Contact Tracing

Protecting guests and building residents is a high priority for any building. 

During visitor screening, visitors will answer questions about their health and travel history. Visitors will be approved or denied based on their responses. In addition, the visitors tracking system will immediately alert residents if they’ve been in contact with an infected visitor.

Improve your visitor check-in process and use EASEVisitor to ensure the safety of your residents.

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