Simplify School Visits with EASEVisitor

EASEVisitor screens against denied party lists using our watch list screening tool to maintain the safety of your staff and students.
visitor management system for schools

Why Use a Web-Based School Visitor Management System?

Traditional visitor sign-in sheets fail to:

School Visitor Management System Features

Image Capture

EASEVisitor captures a photo of every visitor to the school and stores it within the system.

Visitor Identification

Collect information about the visitor and quickly submit their name, address, phone number, photograph, and details about their meeting on campus.

Notification of Guest

Hosts will receive a notification via SMS or email when their guest has arrived and signed in.

ID Badge

After completing the check-in process and passing the health and security screening, an ID badge is printed for security and identification within the school premises.

Visitor Tracking

Always know who is in your school and where they are going. Then, track their visitor check-in and check-out time through the web-based visitor system.

Emergency Notifications

Quickly alert host, staff, and guests of a school emergency via a SMS text and or email alert.

Safe and straightforward - Visitor Management System

Custom Kiosks for Quick Pass Visitor Management

Check-in/check-out kiosks can be customized for the needs of the school or daycare. For example, you can change the color, background, and language to match the organization’s terminology.

Touchless Visitor Check-in

Provides visitors with a QR visitor check-in system that allows them to experience a touchless check-in experience. Send upcoming visitors QR codes in advance by email or SMS. Upon arrival, visitors can check in by using their personal devices.

Accurate & Detailed Visitor Reports

EASEVisitor delivers detailed and accurate visitor reports. Easily navigate to find visitor data based on the visitor, campus, time, or date to quickly find the information you need.

Health-Based Screening

Protect Your School or Daycare with Visitor Tracking Systems

A vital step in protecting your school is sending out daily health screenings to check the health of all students and staff. Based on their answers to your questionnaire, they will either be told to stay home or be cleared to return to campus. Custom screening questions to our visitor check-in system will immediately flag a person who attempts to sign in. A record of visitor entry and exit will assist in contract tracing efforts.

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