Packed with Features

Upgrade your visitor and employee experience by transforming your workplace. Say goodbye to your old visitor book and welcome a new web-based visitor system that is secure and convenient for all.

Visitor Management System Solutions

Building Your EASEVisitor System

EASEVisitor’s web-based visitor system does so much more than simply “check-in” guests.

QR Code Registration

Our QR code registration enables office visitors to complete a self-check-in without needing a receptionist or front-desk personnel. Before their appointment, all visitors are sent a QR code directly to their email to check-in and out using a mobile device or tablet.

Electronic Agreements

Visitors can easily access and sign NDAs/Policies, emergency instructions, or liability documents before entering the premises. All records are stored in our visitor management software for quick access and retrieval.

Configurable Interface

EASEVisitor is configurable and can be controlled from an attractive and easy-to-use Dashboard. Configure your visitor check-in to your industry to put your best foot forward when welcoming guests to your organization.

Stress-Free Implementation

Our system is ready to work alongside your current systems to minimize the disruption of current users. Our cloud-based solution makes it easy to get started. Just a few clicks and you are ready to go!

Free vs Enterprise

Free And Enterprise Solution Offerings

EASEVisitor is tailored to meet the different needs of organizations. Starting with 1 location and less than 150 visits a month, you are able to use the free version of EASEVisitor straight away. As the number of your locations grow, EASEVisitor will easily grow with you, offering additional features that support your ever changing needs.

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