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Upgrade your visitor and employee experience by transforming your workplace. Say goodbye to your old visitor book and welcome a new web-based visitor system that is secure and convenient for all.

Visitor Management System Solutions

Building Your EASEVisitor System

EASEVisitor’s web-based visitor system does so much more than simply “check-in” guests.

Electronic Agreements

Visitors can easily access and sign NDAs/Policies, emergency instructions, or liability documents before entering the premises. All records are stored in our visitor management software for quick access and retrieval.

Instant Visitor Screening

When visits are created, our security systems immediately check their name against our Watchlist Screening database and returns the results to you. Visitors will only be allowed to complete the check-in process once they are cleared of any red flags.

Microblink Integration

Visitor’s check-in photos enable their host to greet them with confidence. In addition, visitors can take a picture of their current photo ID or passport using the camera on their device. Their visitor form will be auto-completed based on the information on their ID.

QR Code Registration

Our QR code registration enables office visitors to complete a self-check-in without needing a receptionist or front-desk personnel. Before their appointment, all visitors are sent a QR code directly to their email to check-in and out using a mobile device or tablet.

Customizable Interface

We understand that every market, industry, and company is different. EASEVisitor is entirely customizable and can be controlled from an attractive and easy-to-use Dashboard. Customize your visitor check-in to your industry to put your best foot forward when welcoming guests to your organization.

Stress-Free Implementation

Our system is ready to work alongside your current property management system to minimize the disruption of current users. All users will be upgraded to the new security systems while supporting the existing security systems in place.

EASEVisitor Benefits

Help visitors spend less time at the lobby and more time at their appointment. Our streamlined check-in process allows visitors to check in and navigate where they need to be without wasting valuable time.

Improve Workplace Safety

Keep your workplace safe by knowing who guests are, if they are foreign nationals or not, the host they are visiting and their purpose for being there. Our facial recognition software and temperature capture offer an added layer of security. Guests will only be allowed to enter your sites once the screening process clears them and their temperature is normal.

Instant Notifications

Our world is instant, so why should guest notifications be any different? Our use of instant notifications means that you never leave a guest waiting for too long. Once a guest completes their check-in process, email or SMS messages are instantly sent to the host. The host also receives a picture of the guest and their location. This way, you’ll always know who to look for and where to find them.

Visitor Self Registration

Our kiosk applications allow visitors to complete self-registration through the EASEVisitor guest registration software. Even visitors without prior appointments can register for a meeting and wait for instant approval or denial of their request.

Dashboard Analytics

Get insight into the inner workings of your visitor tracking system through our dashboard analytics. See all the statistics and graphical representations of data about visit schedules, details of the busiest hosts and locations, and more. In addition, the dashboard enables you to filter data based on your current needs and export data for further analysis.

Kiosk Configuration

Enjoy our customizable kiosk configuration to appeal to guests from all walks of life. In addition, every kiosk offers multilingual capabilities. For example, kiosks in academic settings can use a similar text and terminology style as the college or university.

Contactless Visitor Registration

Contactless visitor check-in ensures the safety of employees while resuming business as usual. Our web-based office management software eliminates the need for paperwork to change hands. Visitors can quickly sign in through QR codes on personal devices, reducing the need for a shared sign-in device.

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