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Technology to Protect your Hybrid Workforce

Technology to Protect Your Hybrid Workforce

Ever since the Covid 19 pandemic hit the world back in mid-2019, businesses all around the world have been reevaluating and reinventing aspects of their ...
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Visitor Management Systems

Why is Visitor Management Important?

Whether your visiting your child’s school, living in an apartment complex, or going to a doctor’s appointment, you’ve most likely come across some form of ...
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What is Visitor Management?

Visitor management is an umbrella term given to any system utilized by a company or organization to monitor who is on the company premises at ...
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Office Reception

Three Ways to Ensure Safety at Your Office

Security breaches, health risks, and work-related accidents may not seem like serious workplace issues in your office when you compare them to work-related risks found ...
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Miami Skyline

What Type of Buildings Need Visitor Management Systems?

No matter the location, there are many types of buildings that can benefit from a visitor management system. As one of the most important components ...
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Risks Associated with Traditional Sign-In Methods

The Risks Associated With Traditional Sign-In Methods

When you walk into a school or childcare center, an apartment complex, or a medical office, what made the first impression on you?  The way ...
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Receptionist Visitor Check In

The Benefits of Using a Visitor Management System

Organizational business models are constantly changing to adapt to the needs of their target audience. These changes have increased as the world has entered this ...
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visitor management system for schools

Benefits and Key Features of Visitor Management Systems for Schools

For any parent, the safety of their children is the most important thing. When they go to school, parents are under the assumption that their ...
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