What is Visitor Management?

Visitor management is an umbrella term given to any system utilized by a company or organization to monitor who is on the company premises at a given time.

For some organizations, visitor management may be as simple as a paper sign-in sheet. In contrast, others rely on high-tech facial recognition and video surveillance systems to protect their business and employees.

Why Visitor Management is Important

The fundamental objective of visitor management is simple: to protect your property, guests, and employees. An organization may admit dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of customers and employees through the front door and into their building in a single day.

With so many people constantly coming and going, without an efficient visitor management solution, maintaining a high standard of security can become a difficult task.

For example, in the event of an emergency (such as property damage or theft), a business owner needs to know exactly who was in their building and where each guest was during the incident. A modern, web-based visitor management system does just that by allowing you to keep track of each visitor’s precise location and alerting you if a guest enters an area they don’t have access to.

What Can a Web-Based Visitor Management System do for Your Business or Organization?

Recent advances in technology have completely revolutionized visitor management. For this reason, many modern organizations are ditching their outdated guestbooks in favor of state-of-the-art web-based visitor management systems.

With available 24/7 video surveillance, live guest tracking, and smartphone integration, it has never been easier to maximize safety and streamline the efficiency of your business. 

Upgrading to a web-based visitor management system can help you:

Maximize Security

The security benefits that come with upgrading to a web-based visitor management system are nothing short of incredible. What was once viewed as science fiction is now becoming an everyday part of our lives. 

Features like facial recognition, pre-entry screening, and real-time guest tracking give business owners more control over who enters their building, what they do, and where they go. 

Modernize your Office or Workspace

People are drawn to new technology. In this day and age, the public has come to expect tech integration in every aspect of their lives. Forbes Magazine plainly stated: “Businesses must adapt to the technical advances of the day or be at risk of becoming irrelevant.”

A web-based visitor management system may be just what your organization needs to modernize guest interactions and gain an advantage over your competition. 

Most new visitor management systems have some type of screen or scanner at the front door. Since this is often the first point of contact that a person has with a business, what better way to show them that your business is relevant when it comes to modern technology.

Simplify the Visitor Experience

Understandably, many customers dread having to suffer through a screening or check-in process. Filling out lengthy questionnaires and forms is the last thing anyone wants to do when entering an office building. 

A digital visitor management system can eliminate this process by giving guests the ability to complete digital check-in from the comfort of their homes before they arrive for an appointment.  

Minimize Health and Safety Risks 

For business owners in today’s environment, the health and safety of both their guests and employees should be a top priority. A well-equipped visitor management system can help to minimize potential health risks by denying building access to sick individuals, minimizing physical contact with public surfaces, and notifying all staff and visitors who were potentially exposed to an illness within the building.

EASEVisitor – A Game-Changing Visitor Management System

Easevisitor is far more than a way to simply check-in guests. State-of-the-art security, staff connectivity, and health and safety features make the overall experience in your building safer, smoother, and more enjoyable for your visitors and employees alike. 

Live Occupancy Monitoring

Every city has strict safety codes limiting the number of guests and employees that can occupy a building at a given moment. EASEVisitor provides you with a live visitor count, as well as alert notifications if you are nearing the maximum occupation limit, so you’ll never have to worry about overcrowding your office again.

Facial Image Capturing

Upon entry, the EASEVisitor system captures a photo of each guest that walks through the front door and stores it in a secure database, helping you to create visitor profiles or locate specific individuals should an issue arise. 

Real-Time Surveillance 

Live video surveillance gives you the power to monitor high-risk areas such as front doors, cash registers, and “authorized personnel only zones” in real-time.

Live Visitor Tracking

With EASEVisitor’s live visitor tracking feature, you can see exactly where any of your guests or employees are within your building and receive alerts if they try to enter an off-limits area.

Staff Communication

With the EASEVisitor app, you can easily and instantly send memos, safety information, and policy updates to your entire staff.

Multi-Office Integration

If you own multiple offices or have a large campus with different buildings, EASEVisitor’s multi-office integration feature allows you to seamlessly share employee and visitor data between any number of locations.

Electronic Policy Agreements

With EASEVisitor, your guests can access and sign safety waivers, medical questionnaires, and NDA/policy agreements before they ever arrive at your office, making the check-in process easier for them and more efficient for your staff.

Touchless Check-in 

Viruses and various other illnesses spread through physical contact with surfaces. EASEVisitor’s touchless check-in eliminates the need to fill out forms associated with the usual check-in process. Instead, your guests can pre-check-in, after which they will be sent an access QR code that they can scan to enter the front door.

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