EASEVisitor for Medical Offices

Protect your medical facility with advanced security features and pre-appointment patient screening.
visitor management system for medical offices

Why Upgrade to a Web-Based Visitor Management System?

Medical Visitor Management System Features

Pre-Visit Visitor Screening

Health screening can be time-consuming, especially when you have a lobby full of patients. EASEVisitor accelerates the screening process by sending a medical questionnaire to your visitors before they enter your office. Based on the responses, a patient will receive a QR code that grants them access to your office and provides specific instructions on rescheduling their appointment.

Touchless Check-in

Germs can spread through direct contact with infected surfaces such as the touch screens and clipboards that medical offices traditionally use for visitor sign-in. EASEVisitor’s touchless check-in lets patients confirm their appointments and receive access to the office by simply scanning their mobile devices.

Advanced Security Features

Security is a constant concern for medical professionals, not only in a physical sense but also with confidential patient information. EASEVisitor is designed to minimize security threats and personal data leaks.

Visitor Identification Profiles

Because the EASEVisitor check-in and medical screening process take place before a patient arrives at a medical facility, most of their sensitive details are recorded and put into their personal profile, along with a photo captured upon arrival, preventing confidential information from ending up in the wrong hands.

Instant Visitor Security Screening

Upon arrival at a medical office, all new guests are screened against security databases. If an individual is “red-flagged” by the system, they’ll be denied access until a staff member overrides the protocol.

Live Visitor Tracking

Live visitor tracking gives you the ability to pinpoint the exact location of a patient or guest at any given moment, helping you detect any suspicious activity and prevent unauthorized individuals from entering restricted areas.

Enhanced Communication for Staff and Patients

There’s nothing better than having excellent communication between staff and patients. Here are some of the enhanced features EASEVisitor offers.

Instant Patient Notifications

In addition to pre-screening and checking-in, the EASEVisitor mobile app instantly lets you notify patients of upcoming appointments.

Staff Wide Information Distribution

Need to send a safety reminder or policy update to your whole team? The EASEVisitor app makes it easy to distribute information to everyone in the office.

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