What Type of Buildings Need Visitor Management Systems?

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No matter the location, there are many types of buildings that can benefit from a visitor management system. As one of the most important components of any property, a visitor management system can make all the difference when receiving and welcoming guests to a building. Even if your building already has a visitor management system in place, it might be time for an upgrade. 

What is a Visitor Management System?

A visitor management system is a method of recording the movements of visitors in your facilities. The system works by alerting employees or residents when they have a visitor in the building and gives them the necessary credentials to move throughout the facilities.  When done correctly, a visitor management system will upgrade the visitor sign-in process, making it more secure and efficient. 

The Benefits of a Visitor Management System

If your facility has yet to install a visitor management system, you’re missing out on some key benefits. 

A visitor management system empowers facilities to:

  • Use real-time surveillance and visitor tracking
  • Check-in visitors with touchless check-in
  • Elevate the visitor experience 
  • Increase security in the facility 

What Types of Buildings Could Use a Visitor Management System?

Several types of buildings and facilities benefit from visitor management systems. So whether you work in a corporate office or a hair salon, a visitor management system might be just what you need to roll out the red carpet for your visitors. 

Commercial Real Estate

For commercial real estate buildings, the safety of your tenants is high on the priority list. You want both visitors and residents to feel safe and taken care of at all times, and a visitor management system allows you to do just that. 

When visitors enter the facility, they are screened against a watchlist to protect building residents and other visitors from possible threats. Information about every visitor is stored in the system, and the easy-to-use EASEVisitor interface makes it easy to find and restore this information when needed. 

Without the real-time tracking a visitor management system provides, it’s impossible for building security to know where a visitor is and keep track of their movements. With instant notifications and alerts, it’s easy to know where visitors went, who they saw, and when they checked out of the building. 

Professional Services

In business, first impressions are everything. Efficient business visitor management systems are one way to put your best foot forward when welcoming visitors. Professional services have dozens of visitors to check in every day, and it’s challenging to give each person the attention they deserve. 

While a traditional reception desk may fall behind in visitor check-ins, visitor management services can enable visitors to check in with their mobile device or tablet. With this system, employees can welcome visitors, verify their identity, and help them navigate to the correct location without missing a beat. 

In addition, a visitor management system heightens the level of security for public buildings. All visitors are run through a denied party list and other relevant databases. If flagged, they’ll need special authorization to enter the premises. With these precautions, both employees and visitors can feel at ease while in your facilities. 

Education and Childcare

When parents send their children off to school, they trust that they will be safe until they come home at the end of the day. Although traditional sign-in sheets can keep a written record of visitors to the school, they fail to screen and track the campus visitors. Should a problem arise with a visitor, it’s difficult and time-consuming to pull up their information. 

With a web-based school visitor management system, all visitors to school campuses are checked against the sex offenders list and Watchlist screening. Along with the screening,  identification photos and ID badges are printed for every visitor. While they are within the school premises, visitors will be easy to identify, further contributing to the overall level of security at the school. 

All education and childcare facilities are vigilant in protecting their students and staff from illness. A visitor management system enables you to send out daily health screenings to keep everyone happy and healthy. 

Consumer Services

Business owners are always searching for ways to stand out from the competition. Give your business a leg up from surrounding services by implementing a visitor management system. With a customizable check-in system, you can give every customer the recognition they deserve and show them you appreciate their patronage. 

Double booking is a nightmare for both clients and employees. However, EASEVisitor’s efficient appointment scheduling system makes these mishaps a thing of the past. 

Navigate the world of appointments and walk-ins with ease with visitor screening that alerts you to a customer’s past whereabouts. Instead of having to step away from your work to greet new customers, they’re given a red carpet-worthy welcome with a touchless check-in that alerts you of their arrival.

Luxury Condominiums

A visitor management system is a must to keep your luxury condominium running like the well-oiled machine it is. Gone are the days of cumbersome keys, cards, and fobs. Instead, guests, residents, and employees can all check in with facial recognition by embracing the ever-popular touchless culture. 

The cutting-edge technology of EASEVisitor lets residents give access to visitors from the comfort of their homes. They can skip a trip to the lobby with the capability to pre-register guests and grant them access to their floor. 

Shopping online has always been popular, but it’s seen an uptick in the past two years. Make it simple for residents to receive their packages with automatic alerts sent to guests when they have a package. 

Does Your Building Need a Visitor Management System?

Do you think that your building could benefit from a visitor management system? No doubt you’ve seen the efficiency and security that a web-based system brings to a facility. 

Would you like to see the potential of EASEVisitor for your property? Request a demo! We can provide you with more information to see why upgrading your property with an EASEVisitor system is the right choice.

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