Simplify and Secure your Business with EASEVisitor

Take total control of your business entry with a modern, secure, and easy-to-use web-based visitor system.
visitor management system for professional services

Why Upgrade to a Visitor Management System?

Traditional methods of “checking-in” to a building or office can add time and frustration to an otherwise routine visit. EASEVisitor makes this process faster, safer, and more efficient while giving a business owner more control of when, where, and how often guests enter an office.

Revolutionary Safety and Security Features

For corporate offices, safety is a top priority. Knowing exactly who is in your building and when they enter and exit is crucial to keeping your employees and business safe. EASEVisitor offers revolutionary safety features that were previously unavailable in lobby management systems.

Live Occupancy Monitoring

Never worry about overcrowding your building again. EASEVisitor provides you with a live count of guests in your facility and will notify you when a user-specified occupancy has been reached.

Instant Visitor Security Screening

All new visitors are screened against the denied party list and other related databases. A visitor marked with a red flag won’t be allowed to check-in until the denied party screening result is overridden by staff and leaves and audit trail.

Image Capturing

The EASEVisitor image capture system takes a photo of every guest upon entry. Those photos are then uploaded to a database, allowing you to create a comprehensive profile for each of your guests automatically.

Real-Time Surveillance and Visitor Tracking

Live visitor tracking allows you to keep track of your visitor’s exact location and notify you if they enter an area where they shouldn’t. Simultaneously, live-feed surveillance lets you keep an eye on high-security areas of your office, such as front doors, cash registers, and “employee-only zones.”

Easily Communicate with your Entire Staff

Employee Connectivity

Distributing memos, policy updates, and safety information has never been easier. Using the EASEVisitor app, you can instantly share information with your entire team.

Multi-Office Integration

Have multiple offices? No problem! EASEVisitor shares and communicates guest and employee data between multiple offices allowing for seamless integration.

Improve the Health and Safety of your Office

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a massive eye-opener to modern business owners. As a result, many corporations have realized that they can do much more to improve overall health and protect employees and visitors.

Visitor Screening

With EASEVisitor, you can send a health screening questionnaire to your guests before they arrive at the front door. Based on their responses to the questionnaire, they will receive a QR code for entry or instruction to return later when their health improves.

Touchless Check-in

Viruses spread through direct contact with infected surfaces, but with EASEVisitor’s touchless visitor check-in, your guests can “pre-check-in” and receive a QR entry code via text or email, giving them the ability to enter by scanning their phone.

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