Roll out the red carpet for your customers with EASEVisitor

The visitor management system making your business run smoother.

visitor management system for commercial services

Give your clients the treatment they deserve by switching to EASEVisitor!

With a fully customizable visitor management system that gives every customer the VIP treatment, you’ll never go back to your standard visitor sign-in sheet.

Visitor Screening

Ensure employee safety by pre-screening visitors before allowing them to enter your business. Utilize brief yes/no questionnaires to ask visitors about their current health and travel history.

Efficient Appointment Scheduling

Never double book a client again. EASEVisitor accommodates appointments as well as walk-in visitors so you can view your schedule at a glance. Accept and decline appointments based on the visitor screening results.

Instant Notifications

Automatic alerts and notifications are sent to employees to either approve/deny a client or alert them of their arrival. These instant alerts lessen the wait time for clients and assure them that their presence has been acknowledged.

Zero Touch Check In

Reduce the need for communal check-in centers with zero-touch check-in. Instead, let your visitors and clients check in to your business via their mobile phone or tablet.

Secure Information

Both clients and employees can rest assured that all information is secure. EASEVisitor’s security, and identification systems protect your financial and visit history.

How can EASEVisitor elevate your client experience?

Increase Productivity

Gone are the days of having to step away from your existing client to greet your next one. Instead, EASEVisitor allows clients to check in on their own when they arrive, and you’ll receive instant notifications alerting you of their presence.

Appointment Dashboards

View and manage appointments with our straightforward dashboard. Keep track of appointment changes and cancellations and make needed adjustments to client appointments throughout the day with ease.

Automated Client Input

Microblink integration makes it possible for clients to use a photo ID to input their information. You’ll be able to match your client’s face to the name with confidence, making them feel welcome at your business.

Guest Registration Software Features

Data Analysis

You won’t need to go far to find out what areas of your business experience could use some improvement. Find stats and graphs displaying your visitor data on a real-time basis.

QR Code Check-in

Take your touchless check-in process a step further through a QR Code based check-in. Send QR Codes to clients in advance by email or text message. Clients can use their mobile devices to check in once they arrive at your business.

Customizable Check-in

Create customized forms for your clients to fill out before their appointment. Ask about choices, preferences, and any other information you need to know before their appointment.

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