Benefits and Key Features of Visitor Management Systems for Schools

visitor management system for schools

For any parent, the safety of their children is the most important thing. When they go to school, parents are under the assumption that their children are safe and supervised. 

But, as an educational institution, how much control do you have over the visitors that enter the premises daily? Al a web-based visitor management system can provide peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your staff and students as well as streamline the check in process.

The Purpose of Visitor Management Systems

When visitors check in at a school, they are often presented with a ruffed-up visitor log book. However, not all schools are following this ancient check-in process anymore. It’s insecure and inefficient. You can now upgrade your visitor and employee check-in experience with a new web-based visitor system that’s secure and convenient.

With EASEVisitor’s school visitor management system, you will be able to secure, identify, and protect your staff, students, and visitors better than with conventional methods.

What Makes a Good Visitor Management Systems For Schools? 

Every facility that requires a check in process will be looking for different features from their visitor management software, but schools are unique in that they should be designed to keep their vulnerable occupants safe from harm. 

Let’s guide you through some essential features of a school management system that can allow school staff to properly monitor who is entering and leaving the school campus.

Customizable Kiosk Configuration and Software for Your School

First impressions count, so our visitor management system for schools gives you the ability to customize your visitors’ check-in experience from the moment you welcome them. Our custom kiosks allow visitors to check themselves in or be assisted by office staff to check in securely with custom school colors and a simple layout.

What’s more is that our kiosks can be configured to allow parents who don’t speak English to easily go through the visitor process. 

Complete Identification of All Visitors To Your School

Knowledge is power, so our digital visitor sign-in system will give you all the information you need about everyone that enters your facilities. For k-12 schools as well as college campuses, security is your first concern when it comes to accurately identifying your school’s visitors.

Our check-in software features include:

  • Identifying each visitor. Any information, including their name, address, phone number, and details about their meeting on the premises, will be collected and quickly sent to you.
  • Capturing visitor images. Anyone can provide false information about themselves, so you must have a photo of every visitor to the school to avoid issues with incorrect information. These pictures will also be stored within your personalized system for easy access at any time.
  • Printing ID badges/ visitor badges. Once your visitors have completed the check-in process by providing all the information you require, our systems will print out a visitor badge to serve as additional security and identification while they’re on school premises.
  • Tracking all visitors on the premises. You‘ll have the power to track anyone who’s in your school and know where they’re going. Our web-based visitor system will track each of their check-in and check-out times.

Screen Your School’s Visitors Against Important Databases

The objective of an effective visitor management system isn’t just to keep you up-to-date on who has entered and is moving around your school. Your visitors should undergo an instant screening against pertinent databases. 

With EASEVisitor visitor management solution, visitors are screened against:

  1. Sex offender databases and any other unique databases you request.
  2. Your school’s student information system so that children are signed out only by pre-approved guardians.

If any visitor isn’t cleared but attempts to check in to your premises, they will immediately be flagged when they try to sign in.

Pandemic Protection For School Safety

With the right visitor management solution for schools, you can also protect your school from illness. With the Covid-19 pandemic still raging in many areas, a health-based screening for all visitors is recommended in many school districts across the globe. You will count on daily health screenings sent to all students and staff that will check their health. Then, depending on their answers to key questions, they’ll get notified to stay home or be cleared to return to school. 

Tracking all check-in and check-outs will also aid in any contact tracing efforts.

Manage Visitors With Contactless Features

Increase the safety of staff and students with contactless visitor check-in. Our web-based office management software provides a QR code where visitors can check in and out using an electronic device after receiving it to their email.

Organized Electronic Information at Your Disposal

It doesn’t matter how much information your school’s visitor management system is collecting or what it is screening your visitors against if its impossible to easily find, read, and understand that information by office staff. 

With a world-class visitor management system like EASEVisitor, you will be able to easily navigate through these reports since they are arranged according to the visitor’s name, time, and date, so you can quickly find the information you need.

EASEVisitor’s School Visitor Management System Protects Students and Staff

While traditional visitor sign-in methods may be what you’re used to, they can’t always guarantee that you’ll know that visitors are who they say they are or that your logs will be accurate. Furthermore, they don’t offer the ability to screen and track all visitors efficiently or consolidate data across various locations on school grounds.

With EASEVisitor, you can rest assured that you can:

  • Identify and store information for each visitor
  • Provide ID badges for approved visitors
  • Checks visitors against various watchlists and other screening tools
  • Red flag anyone that shouldn’t be entering your school environment 
  • Create unique QR codes for entry points at your school

If you’re interested in upgrading your school’s security, contact us today, and we will be glad to set up a free live demo.

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